Monday, 22 July 2013

Home Schooling ICT, part 6: Communicating with presentations.

This lesson was intended to follow straight on after the previous, but family life got in the way, and there were a few weekends gap before we got round to it. This lesson relies on contrasting with the previous lesson, so I was worried that the ideas from last time wouldn’t survive the gap to be reinforced here.

Lesson 6: Communicating electronically: presentations
·      How communicating through presentation differs from communicating through documents
·      From ideas to writing to editing

1.     Write (using pen and paper) outline for a book report presentation: How does listening differ from reading? What is the report listener interested in finding out? What are the techniques for making the presentation engaging?
2.     Refresh memory of the book report from last lesson
3.     Write (electronically) outline for book report, comprising of section headings, five-word slide summaries.
4.     Complete book report presentation
5.     Critical evaluation - Edit report comparing with outline from step 1
6.     Present to Mummy

It turns out that referring to her written notes was a very effective way for DD1 to refresh her memory of the concepts from last time. Her notes triggered some good discussion on the differences in communication types. She also improved upon the teaching points that I was trying to convey to her! She, very insightfully, wrote he key ingredients of a presentation from the viewpoint of both the listener and the presenter:

·      For the listener:
o   What is it about?
o   What do I need to know?
o   How will I remember?
·      For the presenter:
o   How do I explain it? 

I was very pleased with how much thought DD1 put into this one, and how much she got out of it. Well done DD1!

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