Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Preparing for Home Schooling ICT part 7

Spring brings more home-school ICT. This term, we’ll focus on our Raspberry Pi, and build something really cool.

From the blog, I see that the last time we did any ICT was back in last summer. The DDs lost interest as there were more exciting things to do in their summer holidays than being inside with a computer. Then winter came, and we went into hibernation. But spring has now sprung, and as the days get longer, we’re doing more.

I’ve noticed that there’s now no difference between Early Years ICT (i.e. for DD2) and ICT for DD1. Both are equally adept at the basics of user input, understanding syntax and semantics, understanding the need to translate human intentions into machine language. So I’ve decided to run the same course for each. DD1 has a longer attention span than DD2, so I may do more sessions for one than the other. We’re still going to do one-on-one time; part of the attraction for them in doing ICT at home was to get my undivided attention.

I’m going to be basing this year’s syllabus on a single source: Adventures in Raspberry Pi by Carrie Ann Philbin. It is colourful, and the language is simple, so both DDs can read through for themselves. However, the concepts quickly get complex, so they will need guidance and encouragement as we progress through the book.

Let’s see how we progress. I’ll keep you posted.

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