Thursday, 7 May 2015

My iPhone has saved me money?

I’ve calculated that my life is 50% simpler because I own a smartphone.

So I’m one of the people that cannot leave their smartphone alone for more than 6.5 minutes. However, rather than feeling guilty, I think this is a sign of my savvy consumer insight. I did some rough accounting, and using my smartphone has saved me money:

Incremental cost on iPhone
Non-iPhone equivalent
Cost of equivalent
Address book
£0 Contacts app
Collins A5
Alarm clock
Free app
Casio TQ140
£9.99/m Spotify premium
Amazon CD
£4.99 ea.
£4.99 Minecraft app
Local teenager
Bike computer
£0 Runkeeper app
Velo Champion 16
Boarding pass
£0 Passbook app
Printed at airport
£4.99 Kindle book ea.
Amazon paperback
£5.99 ea.
£0 Calculator app
Casio FX-83GT
£0 Calendar app
£0 Camera app
Nikon Coolpix L31
$69 p.a. Marvel Unlimited
Comic book store comic
£3.99 ea.
Digital music player
£0 Music app
Sony Walkman NWZE585
Marvel Puzzle Quest £14.99 in-app purchase
Lego Marvel Avengers for Wii U
International call
£0 over wi-fi
BT standard tariff to India
£0 Google maps
AtoZ London
£0 Amazon Fire TV app
Amazon blu-ray
£10.99 ea.
£0 Feedly app
The Times
£0 Podcasts app
Roberts Radio Revival Mini
Sat nav
£0 Waze app
TomTom Start 25M UK maps
£28.32/m tariff
+ £480 for the phone
Line rental + BT 1000 DECT phone
£16.70/m + £19.99
TV box set
£0 Now TV app
Additional NowTV box + subs
£10 + £6.99/m
Weather forecast
£0 Yahoo! Weather app
Watson W8682-mkII
Annual Total


Yikes! My gadget habit costs me over a grand per year. At least it’s 50% cheaper using my iPhone than with replacements.

Some of my favourite activities turn out to be free activities that I find better to do on my smartphone; activities like browsing, checking email, or borrowing books from the library. Others are activities that would cost real money in meatspace, are now free using an app, like a second screen movie viewing vs. buying a blu-ray.

Very rarely is there an activity that is cheaper in meatspace than online. The only example I can think of is buying digital media. It’s still cheaper to by real CDs and books, and movies than downloading, unless you buy a subscription.

What I find most interesting about this list, is that there are over 20 activities that I now do with this single device, that I would find valuable enough to pay for. In other words, if I didn’t have my smartphone, I would’ve happily bought a bevvy of additional gadgets. My smartphone is revolutionary because it simplifies my life.

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