Friday, 12 June 2015

Apple Pay in the UK.

WWDC quick verdict: WatchOS 2 = what? Music, Maps = Meh. El Capitan, iOS 9 and Pay = yay. 

I couldn't let WWDC go past without making comment. For personal impact, it was a mixed bag. Apple Music is distinctly meh - it's just too expensive. Maybe when DD2 gets into music properly, we'll invest in a family account just to keep her legal, but the sad truth is that we don't listen to enough music to make it valuable. In fact, I'm considering cancelling my iTunes Match subscription 

WatchOS 2 - yawn. There still aren't any compelling watch apps, so still no reason for me to buy one, so I really couldn't care less. 

Apple Maps with transit directions - sigh. Apple is so late to this particular party, that I'm going to stick with Google Waze and Google Maps just to make a point. 

OSX El Capitan is a silly name but is the first of the big announcements that made me pay attention. Under the hood changes may not bring any application changes of meaning, but it does mean that my 7 year-old MacBook will be fit for purpose for another year. I got a new Lenovo laptop with my new job. I prefer my MacBook. That's amazing engineering, and so amazing value from Apple. 

iOS 9 is also revolutionary for the same reason. It'll run on the iPhone 4S up to my 6+, and will realise battery improvements for each. My phone could even gain an extra hour, which means I don't need to charge it overnight any more (it gets charged by the car whilst doing SatNav duty just enough to keep it going until the next commute). DW still needs to have a charger wherever she sits as one of her multiple iDevices will be on red beans. I don't need a single charger in the house. 

Apple Pay makes me most excited, because it's the beginning of much more secure online transactions. It's not the bulging wallet effect that I'm worried about, but the fact that now my credit card will only be known by my bank, Apple, and me. The fewer people that know the secret of my credit card number, the more securely it'll be kept, and the safer my money will be.

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